Friday, April 14, 2006

There's a Fungus Among Us

Dr. Spurious,

I really don't know how to ask you this, so I guess I just will. Can
athletes foot be transferred to your partners genitals? You see, my wife,
who is not only a soccer mom, but also a player, engage in certain
activities that involve one's genitals.

After the fact, I was told that her fungus on her foot was contageous. I am
very mad at her about it and think this would be a good oportunity for me to
leave her and run off with one of my coworkers from Payless. Thank you in
advance for your professional advice.


Fun Guy

Dear Fun Guy:

As you may already know, Atheletes' Foot is caused by a "fungus." Fungi, like germs, can be compared to tiny gnome-like creatures that live on the skin. The main difference between fungi, germs, and beneficial things like white blood cells is in the clothing they wear. Modern anti-fungal treatments, as I understand them, work by systematically eliminating these gnome-like creatures based on how they are dressed.

The real problem in your scenario is that the only fungi that will want to make the move from your partner's foot onto your testicles are the gay ones. Unfortunately, these fungi are typically much better dressed than their counterparts. Because of this, the gay atheletes' foot fungi (or, in medical terms, "Funghomos Athletis") are immune to most treatments the medical world has to offer.

The first I would recommend to treat these fungi is to stop showering. As I've stated before, this forms a "health barrier" around your body, and drives the fungi off. After that, you should walk around naked for 5 days to a week. This gives the fungi many chances to jump off of your genitals, and should clean up any lingering problems nicely.

In the future, as a preventative measure, you or your partner should wear a sock (on either the genitals or the foot) when performing this or any other sexual act.


At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help! I didn't think the sock idea would work quite right, but I've found it slips quite nicely into my wife and I's interests.

Thanks for your help!


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